Black Bagger #13 Fuel Cell Black Polar No Panel

2014 Black Baggers

Black Bagger #7 Racing Jacket Road Prizm

Black Bagger #19 BadMan Black Polarized No Panel

Black Bagger #3 Holbrook Jade Polar

Black Bagger #2 Frogskins Sapphire NP

Black Bagger #17 Jawbone Revant Elite Adapt Gry to Clr & OEM Black NO PANEL

Black Bagger #8 Pit Boss 2 Black Polar With Strong Box PNP

Black Bagger #16 Batwolf Ice NO PANEL

Black Bagger #11 Jawbreaker Ruby Prizm NO PANEL

Black Bagger #10 Fuel Cell Daily Prizm Polar

2015 Black Baggers

2016 Black Baggers

Black Bagger #6 Oil Drum 1st Gen Jade Snow Prizm Custom OEM 

Black Bagger #1 Batwolf Ruby Polarized

Black Bagger #12 Radar EV Road Prizm NO PANEL

2013 Black Baggers

Black Bagger #15 Holbrook Emerald   NO PANEL

Black Bagger #18 3ft Hanging O Elliptical Icon

It's That Time Of Year Again!!!! Yes, the annual Black Baggers are coming, and like every other year, they will be "Killer"!!! Be ready, they are NOW LIVE!! Get Em While They Last!!!
What is a Black Bagger you ask? It is a custom pair of Oakley sunglasses or Oakley item that is a 1 of a kind creation never to be replicated. What is so special? Well, start with the guessing game. You will not know what they look like until you buy your item and receive it. No images are posted prior to confirmation of delivery, just a style and lens description (polarized, prizm or non polarized) and what additional item may or may not be included. Not even colors are mentioned. The excitement of opening the bag when they arrive is the fun of the whole program. Only done once per year during the Black Friday Craze.

Black Bagger #9 Eye Patch 1 Titanium NP

Black Bagger #4 Jupiter Ruby NP

Black Bagger #5 Monster Doggle Black Rose OEM 

Black Bagger #14 Jawbreaker Snow Prizm Sapphire NO PANEL

2017 Black Baggers..

This Year Was A Hit!! 
Thank You All Who Purchased. See You Next Year!