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Moving forward, will no longer be accepting eyewear in for customization. I will continue to work with some people on things, but as a general rule of thumb, no more for the masses. For the projects I have in processing, they will ALL be processed out, completed and sent by the end of the year. Clearing the plate for future endeavors.

I will continue to do custom pieces, but they will be available only on my site only and when posted, they are available then and then only. Once gone, they are gone. The Thin Line items will remain as a staple offering, so for those in law enforcement, fire and so on, rest assured those are not going anywhere. Black Baggers will also remain a staple as well, that's no doubt as will watch services. The passion and fire to create cool stuff is still burning. There are many things that have led to this decision, and while it may suck for some, I think the things to come will show the benefits. Thanks to everyone who have had things done over the years, it has been my pleasure.

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No Problem. General Updates Are Usually Posted Daily To The Facebook Page. You Do Not Need An Account To View The Page. You Will Find Most Questions Are Answered There.

Due To The Heatwave We Have Experienced Here In California, Processing Has Been At A Standstill. I am Working Through It As Best As Possible. Review The Item Description Or Invoice Notes For All Time Ranges. Thank You For Your Patience

If you are sending an email directly without using the form below for Order Status, or you are sending an email regarding status to any other email address, your message(s) will not receive a reply. They are automatically deleted as the forms below are the only acceptable method of contact. 

Please Be Advised, Lens Cutting Services Are No Longer Available. Feel Free To Visit For Your Cut To Fit Needs. 

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DrChopShop is operated by the Doc himself. That means when you want Customer Service, Custom Job Quotes, To Discuss Ideas, or shoot the sh..., you are dealing direct. That also means it may take more than 5 minutes for a reply. Please allow anywhere from 24 hours - 7 days for a reply to any inquiries. If you are looking for a status update, please check our Facebook page as most status updates can be found there (specifics aren't posted for privacy reasons) or feel free to use the "Order Status" form above. Thanks for your patience and interest in

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