Moving forward, DrChopShop.com will no longer be accepting eyewear in for customization. I will continue to work with some people on things, but as a general rule of thumb, no more for the masses. For the projects I have in processing, they will ALL be processed out, completed and sent by the end of the year. Clearing the plate for future endeavors.

I will continue to do custom pieces, but they will be available only on my site only and when posted, they are available then and then only. Once gone, they are gone. The Thin Line items will remain as a staple offering, so for those in law enforcement, fire and so on, rest assured those are not going anywhere. Black Baggers will also remain a staple as well, that's no doubt as will watch services. The passion and fire to create cool stuff is still burning. There are many things that have led to this decision, and while it may suck for some, I think the things to come will show the benefits. Thanks to everyone who have had things done over the years, it has been my pleasure.

Here At DrChopShop, We Use Tamco Products, House Of Kolor Kustom Automotive Finishes, Autoborne/Wicked/AutoAir & Cerakote Finishes Exclusively. As Leaders In The Kustom Paint World, You Can Count On Your Finish Being The Best You Can Get, And To Protect Your Item, Hi Impact Clears Are Used  For Both Gloss & Matte Finishes.

DrChopShop Is Proud To Offer Cerakote Ceramic Coatings As A "Tough As Nails" Alternative To Traditional Paint. There are Over 81 Colors To Choose From, & They Can Also Be Blended For Endless Options. Although We Don't Stock All Colors, Please Inquire If You Have A Specific Request.